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There is a volume back-end for Zadara. Set the following in your cinder.conf, and use the following options to configure it.


Table 1.29. Description of configuration options for zadara
Configuration option = Default value Description
zadara_password = None (StrOpt) Password for the VPSA
zadara_user = None (StrOpt) User name for the VPSA
zadara_vol_encrypt = False (BoolOpt) Default encryption policy for volumes
zadara_vol_name_template = OS_%s (StrOpt) Default template for VPSA volume names
zadara_vol_thin = True (BoolOpt) Default thin provisioning policy for volumes
zadara_vpsa_allow_nonexistent_delete = True (BoolOpt) Don't halt on deletion of non-existing volumes
zadara_vpsa_auto_detach_on_delete = True (BoolOpt) Automatically detach from servers on volume delete
zadara_vpsa_ip = None (StrOpt) Management IP of Zadara VPSA
zadara_vpsa_poolname = None (StrOpt) Name of VPSA storage pool for volumes
zadara_vpsa_port = None (StrOpt) Zadara VPSA port number
zadara_vpsa_use_ssl = False (BoolOpt) Use SSL connection

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