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 New, updated and deprecated options for neutron

Table 7.65. New options
Option = default value (Type) Help string
auth_ca_cert = None (StrOpt) Certificate Authority public key (CA cert) file for ssl
auth_insecure = False (BoolOpt) Turn off verification of the certificate for ssl
ca_certs = None (StrOpt) CA certificates
ctl_cert = None (StrOpt) controller certificate
ctl_privkey = None (StrOpt) controller private key
default_service_cluster_uuid = None (StrOpt) Unique identifier of the Service Cluster which will be used by logical services like dhcp and metadata
dnsmasq_dns_servers = None (ListOpt) Comma-separated list of the DNS servers which will be used as forwarders.
log_config_append = None (StrOpt) The name of logging configuration file. It does not disable existing loggers, but just appends specified logging configuration to any other existing logging options. Please see the Python logging module documentation for details on logging configuration files.
max_header_line = 16384 (IntOpt) Max header line to accommodate large tokens
max_request_body_size = 114688 (IntOpt) the maximum body size per each request(bytes)
metadata_backlog = 128 (IntOpt) Number of backlog requests to configure the metadata server socket with
metadata_workers = 0 (IntOpt) Number of separate worker processes for metadata server
notify_nova_on_port_data_changes = True (BoolOpt) Send notification to nova when port data (fixed_ips/floatingip) changes so nova can update its cache.
notify_nova_on_port_status_changes = True (BoolOpt) Send notification to nova when port status changes
nova_admin_auth_url = http://localhost:5000/v2.0 (StrOpt) Authorization URL for connecting to nova in admin context
nova_admin_password = None (StrOpt) Password for connection to nova in admin context
nova_admin_tenant_id = None (StrOpt) The uuid of the admin nova tenant
nova_admin_username = None (StrOpt) Username for connecting to nova in admin context
nova_region_name = None (StrOpt) Name of nova region to use. Useful if keystone manages more than one region.
nova_url = (StrOpt) URL for connection to nova
nsx_controllers = None (ListOpt) Lists the NSX controllers in this cluster
nsx_password = admin (StrOpt) Password for NSX controllers in this cluster
nsx_user = admin (StrOpt) User name for NSX controllers in this cluster
ofp_listen_host = (StrOpt) openflow listen host
ofp_ssl_listen_port = 6633 (IntOpt) openflow ssl listen port
ofp_tcp_listen_port = 6633 (IntOpt) openflow tcp listen port
ovs_vsctl_timeout = 10 (IntOpt) Timeout in seconds for ovs-vsctl commands
rpc_workers = 0 (IntOpt) Number of RPC worker processes for service
send_events_interval = 2 (IntOpt) Number of seconds between sending events to nova if there are any events to send.
AGENT/get_datapath_retry_times = 60 (IntOpt) Number of seconds to retry acquiring an Open vSwitch datapath
AGENT/integration_bridge = br-int (StrOpt) integration bridge
CISCO/nexus_l3_enable = False (BoolOpt) Enable L3 support on the Nexus switches
ESWITCH/apply_profile_patch = False (BoolOpt) Enable server compatibility with old nova
META/rpc_flavor = (StrOpt) Flavor of which plugin handles RPC
MLNX/physical_network_type = eth (StrOpt) Physical network type for provider network (eth or ib)
MLNX/physical_network_type_mappings = [] (ListOpt) List of <physical_network>:<physical_network_type> with physical_network_type is either eth or ib
NOVA/node_override_vif_hostdev = [] (ListOpt) Nova compute nodes to manually set VIF type to hostdev
NOVA/node_override_vif_midonet = [] (ListOpt) Nova compute nodes to manually set VIF type to midonet
NOVA/node_override_vif_mlnx_direct = [] (ListOpt) Nova compute nodes to manually set VIF type to mlnx_direct
NSX/agent_mode = agent (StrOpt) The mode used to implement DHCP/metadata services.
NSX/concurrent_connections = 10 (IntOpt) Maximum concurrent connections to each NSX controller.
NSX/default_transport_type = stt (StrOpt) The default network tranport type to use (stt, gre, bridge, ipsec_gre, or ipsec_stt)
NSX/max_lp_per_bridged_ls = 5000 (IntOpt) Maximum number of ports of a logical switch on a bridged transport zone (default 5000)
NSX/max_lp_per_overlay_ls = 256 (IntOpt) Maximum number of ports of a logical switch on an overlay transport zone (default 256)
NSX/metadata_mode = access_network (StrOpt) If set to access_network this enables a dedicated connection to the metadata proxy for metadata server access via Neutron router. If set to dhcp_host_route this enables host route injection via the dhcp agent. This option is only useful if running on a host that does not support namespaces otherwise access_network should be used.
NSX/nsx_gen_timeout = -1 (IntOpt) Number of seconds a generation id should be valid for (default -1 meaning do not time out)
NSX/replication_mode = service (StrOpt) The default option leverages service nodes to perform packet replication though one could set to this to 'source' to perform replication locally. This is useful if one does not want to deploy a service node(s).
NSX_DHCP/default_lease_time = 43200 (IntOpt) Default DHCP lease time
NSX_DHCP/domain_name = openstacklocal (StrOpt) Domain to use for building the hostnames
NSX_DHCP/extra_domain_name_servers = [] (ListOpt) Comma separated list of additional domain name servers
NSX_LSN/sync_on_missing_data = False (BoolOpt) Pull LSN information from NSX in case it is missing from the local data store. This is useful to rebuild the local store in case of server recovery.
NSX_METADATA/metadata_server_address = (StrOpt) IP address used by Metadata server.
NSX_METADATA/metadata_server_port = 8775 (IntOpt) TCP Port used by Metadata server.
NSX_METADATA/metadata_shared_secret = (StrOpt) Shared secret to sign instance-id request
NSX_SYNC/always_read_status = False (BoolOpt) Always read operational status from backend on show operations. Enabling this option might slow down the system.
NSX_SYNC/max_random_sync_delay = 0 (IntOpt) Maximum value for the additional random delay in seconds between runs of the state synchronization task
NSX_SYNC/min_chunk_size = 500 (IntOpt) Minimum number of resources to be retrieved from NSX during state synchronization
NSX_SYNC/min_sync_req_delay = 1 (IntOpt) Minimum delay, in seconds, between two state synchronization queries to NSX. It must not exceed state_sync_interval
NSX_SYNC/state_sync_interval = 10 (IntOpt) Interval in seconds between runs of the state synchronization task. Set it to 0 to disable it
OFC/api_max_attempts = 3 (IntOpt) Maximum attempts per OFC API request.NEC plugin retries API request to OFC when OFC returns ServiceUnavailable (503).The value must be greater than 0.
OFC/insecure_ssl = False (BoolOpt) Disable SSL certificate verification
OFC/path_prefix = (StrOpt) Base URL of OFC REST API. It is prepended to each API request.
QUOTAS/quota_health_monitor = -1 (IntOpt) Number of health monitors allowed per tenant. A negative value means unlimited.
QUOTAS/quota_member = -1 (IntOpt) Number of pool members allowed per tenant. A negative value means unlimited.
QUOTAS/quota_pool = 10 (IntOpt) Number of pools allowed per tenant. A negative value means unlimited.
QUOTAS/quota_vip = 10 (IntOpt) Number of vips allowed per tenant. A negative value means unlimited.
RESTPROXY/auth_resource = (StrOpt) Nuage provided uri for initial authorization to access VSD
RESTPROXY/auto_sync_on_failure = True (BoolOpt) If neutron fails to create a resource because the backend controller doesn't know of a dependency, the plugin automatically triggers a full data synchronization to the controller.
RESTPROXY/base_uri = / (StrOpt) Nuage provided base uri to reach out to VSD
RESTPROXY/cache_connections = True (BoolOpt) Re-use HTTP/HTTPS connections to the controller.
RESTPROXY/consistency_interval = 60 (IntOpt) Time between verifications that the backend controller database is consistent with Neutron
RESTPROXY/default_floatingip_quota = 254 (IntOpt) Per Net Partition quota of floating ips
RESTPROXY/default_net_partition_name = OpenStackDefaultNetPartition (StrOpt) Default Network partition in which VSD will orchestrate network resources using openstack
RESTPROXY/no_ssl_validation = False (BoolOpt) Disables SSL certificate validation for controllers
RESTPROXY/organization = system (StrOpt) Organization name in which VSD will orchestrate network resources using openstack
RESTPROXY/server = localhost:8800 (StrOpt) IP Address and Port of Nuage's VSD server
RESTPROXY/serverauth = username:password (StrOpt) Username and password for authentication
RESTPROXY/serverssl = False (BoolOpt) Boolean for SSL connection with VSD server
RESTPROXY/ssl_cert_directory = /etc/neutron/plugins/bigswitch/ssl (StrOpt) Directory containing ca_certs and host_certs certificate directories.
RESTPROXY/ssl_sticky = True (BoolOpt) Trust and store the first certificate received for each controller address and use it to validate future connections to that address.
RESTPROXY/thread_pool_size = 4 (IntOpt) Maximum number of threads to spawn to handle large volumes of port creations.
RESTPROXYAGENT/integration_bridge = br-int (StrOpt) Name of integration bridge on compute nodes used for security group insertion.
RESTPROXYAGENT/polling_interval = 5 (IntOpt) Seconds between agent checks for port changes
RESTPROXYAGENT/virtual_switch_type = ovs (StrOpt) Virtual switch type.
SDNVE/base_url = /one/nb/v2/ (StrOpt) Base URL for SDN-VE controller REST API
SDNVE/controller_ips = [''] (ListOpt) List of IP addresses of SDN-VE controller(s)
SDNVE/default_tenant_type = OF (StrOpt) Tenant type: OF (default) and OVERLAY
SDNVE/format = json (StrOpt) SDN-VE request/response format
SDNVE/info = sdnve_info_string (StrOpt) SDN-VE RPC subject
SDNVE/integration_bridge = None (StrOpt) Integration bridge to use
SDNVE/interface_mappings = [] (ListOpt) List of <physical_network_name>:<interface_name>
SDNVE/of_signature = SDNVE-OF (StrOpt) The string in tenant description that indicates the tenant is a OF tenant
SDNVE/out_of_band = True (BoolOpt) Indicating if controller is out of band or not
SDNVE/overlay_signature = SDNVE-OVERLAY (StrOpt) The string in tenant description that indicates the tenant is a OVERLAY tenant
SDNVE/password = admin (StrOpt) SDN-VE administrator password
SDNVE/port = 8443 (StrOpt) SDN-VE controller port number
SDNVE/reset_bridge = True (BoolOpt) Reset the integration bridge before use
SDNVE/use_fake_controller = False (BoolOpt) If set to True uses a fake controller.
SDNVE/userid = admin (StrOpt) SDN-VE administrator user id
SDNVE_AGENT/polling_interval = 2 (IntOpt) Agent polling interval if necessary
SDNVE_AGENT/root_helper = sudo (StrOpt) Using root helper
SDNVE_AGENT/rpc = True (BoolOpt) Whether using rpc
SECURITYGROUP/enable_security_group = True (BoolOpt) Controls whether the neutron security group API is enabled in the server. It should be false when using no security groups or using the nova security group API.
audit/api_audit_map = api_audit_map.conf (StrOpt) File containing mapping for api paths and service endpoints
audit/namespace = openstack (StrOpt) namespace prefix for generated id
cisco_csr_ipsec/status_check_interval = 60 (IntOpt) Status check interval for Cisco CSR IPSec connections
database/db_inc_retry_interval = True (BoolOpt) Whether to increase interval between db connection retries, up to db_max_retry_interval
database/db_max_retries = 20 (IntOpt) maximum db connection retries before error is raised. (setting -1 implies an infinite retry count)
database/db_max_retry_interval = 10 (IntOpt) max seconds between db connection retries, if db_inc_retry_interval is enabled
database/db_retry_interval = 1 (IntOpt) seconds between db connection retries
database/use_db_reconnect = False (BoolOpt) Enable the experimental use of database reconnect on connection lost
haproxy/loadbalancer_state_path = $state_path/lbaas (StrOpt) Location to store config and state files
haproxy/user_group = nogroup (StrOpt) The user group
heleoslb/admin_password = None (StrOpt) ESM admin password.
heleoslb/admin_username = None (StrOpt) ESM admin username.
heleoslb/async_requests = None (BoolOpt) Define if the requests have run asynchronously or not
heleoslb/dummy_utif_id = None (StrOpt) Dummy user traffic Security Zone id for LBs
heleoslb/esm_mgmt = None (StrOpt) ESM management root address
heleoslb/inband_id = None (StrOpt) In band Security Zone id for LBs
heleoslb/lb_flavor = small (StrOpt) choose LB image flavor to use, accepted values: small, medium
heleoslb/lb_image = None (StrOpt) Load Balancer image id (Embrane LB)
heleoslb/mgmt_id = None (StrOpt) Management Security Zone id for LBs
heleoslb/oob_id = None (StrOpt) Out of band Security Zone id for LBs
heleoslb/resource_pool_id = None (StrOpt) Shared resource pool id
heleoslb/sync_interval = 60 (IntOpt) resource synchronization interval in seconds
ml2_brocade/address = (StrOpt) The address of the host to SSH to
ml2_brocade/ostype = NOS (StrOpt) Unused
ml2_brocade/password = password (StrOpt) The SSH password to use
ml2_brocade/physical_networks = (StrOpt) Allowed physical networks
ml2_brocade/username = admin (StrOpt) The SSH username to use
ml2_odl/password = None (StrOpt) HTTP password for authentication
ml2_odl/session_timeout = 30 (IntOpt) Tomcat session timeout in minutes.
ml2_odl/timeout = 10 (IntOpt) HTTP timeout in seconds.
ml2_odl/url = None (StrOpt) HTTP URL of OpenDaylight REST interface.
ml2_odl/username = None (StrOpt) HTTP username for authentication
netscaler_driver/netscaler_ncc_password = None (StrOpt) Password to login to the NetScaler Control Center Server.
netscaler_driver/netscaler_ncc_uri = None (StrOpt) The URL to reach the NetScaler Control Center Server.
netscaler_driver/netscaler_ncc_username = None (StrOpt) Username to login to the NetScaler Control Center Server.
nvsd/nvsd_ip = (StrOpt) NVSD Controller IP address
nvsd/nvsd_passwd = oc123 (StrOpt) NVSD Controller password
nvsd/nvsd_port = 8082 (IntOpt) NVSD Controller Port number
nvsd/nvsd_retries = 0 (IntOpt) Number of login retries to NVSD controller
nvsd/nvsd_user = ocplugin (StrOpt) NVSD Controller username
nvsd/request_timeout = 30 (IntOpt) NVSD controller REST API request timeout in seconds
plumgriddirector/director_server = localhost (StrOpt) PLUMgrid Director server to connect to
plumgriddirector/director_server_port = 8080 (StrOpt) PLUMgrid Director server port to connect to
plumgriddirector/password = password (StrOpt) PLUMgrid Director admin password
plumgriddirector/servertimeout = 5 (IntOpt) PLUMgrid Director server timeout
plumgriddirector/username = username (StrOpt) PLUMgrid Director admin username
radware/actions_to_skip = ['setup_l2_l3'] (ListOpt) List of actions that we dont want to push to the completion queue
radware/l2_l3_ctor_params = {'ha_ip_pool_name': 'default', 'allocate_ha_vrrp': True, 'ha_network_name': 'HA-Network', 'service': '_REPLACE_', 'allocate_ha_ips': True} (DictOpt) l2_l3 workflow constructor params
radware/l2_l3_setup_params = {'data_ip_address': '', 'data_port': 1, 'gateway': '', 'ha_port': 2, 'data_ip_mask': ''} (DictOpt) l2_l3 workflow setup params
radware/l2_l3_workflow_name = openstack_l2_l3 (StrOpt) l2_l3 workflow name
radware/l4_action_name = BaseCreate (StrOpt) l4 workflow action name
radware/l4_workflow_name = openstack_l4 (StrOpt) l4 workflow name
radware/service_adc_type = VA (StrOpt) Service ADC type
radware/service_adc_version = (StrOpt) Service ADC version
radware/service_cache = 20 (IntOpt) service cache
radware/service_compression_throughput = 100 (IntOpt) service compression throughtput
radware/service_ha_pair = False (BoolOpt) service HA pair
radware/service_isl_vlan = -1 (IntOpt) A required VLAN for the interswitch link to use
radware/service_resource_pool_ids = [] (ListOpt) Resource pool ids
radware/service_session_mirroring_enabled = False (BoolOpt) Support an Alteon interswitch link for stateful session failover
radware/service_ssl_throughput = 100 (IntOpt) service ssl throughtput
radware/service_throughput = 1000 (IntOpt) service throughtput
radware/vdirect_address = None (StrOpt) vdirect server IP address
radware/vdirect_password = radware (StrOpt) vdirect user password
radware/vdirect_user = vDirect (StrOpt) vdirect user name
ssl/ca_file = None (StrOpt) CA certificate file to use to verify connecting clients
ssl/cert_file = None (StrOpt) Certificate file to use when starting the server securely
ssl/key_file = None (StrOpt) Private key file to use when starting the server securely
Table 7.66. New default values
Option Previous default value New default value
allowed_rpc_exception_modules neutron.openstack.common.exception, nova.exception, cinder.exception, exceptions nova.exception, cinder.exception, exceptions
default_log_levels amqp=WARN, amqplib=WARN, boto=WARN, eventlet.wsgi.server=WARN, keystone=INFO, qpid=WARN, sqlalchemy=WARN, suds=INFO amqp=WARN, amqplib=WARN, boto=WARN, qpid=WARN, sqlalchemy=WARN, suds=INFO, iso8601=WARN
logging_context_format_string %(asctime)s.%(msecs)03d %(process)d %(levelname)s %(name)s [%(request_id)s %(user)s %(tenant)s] %(instance)s%(message)s %(asctime)s.%(msecs)03d %(process)d %(levelname)s %(name)s [%(request_id)s %(user_identity)s] %(instance)s%(message)s
AGENT/minimize_polling False True
NOVA/vif_types unbound, binding_failed, ovs, ivs, bridge, 802.1qbg, 802.1qbh, hyperv, other unbound, binding_failed, ovs, ivs, bridge, 802.1qbg, 802.1qbh, hyperv, midonet, mlnx_direct, hostdev, other
RESTPROXY/server_auth username:password None
RESTPROXY/server_ssl False True
RESTPROXY/servers localhost:8800 localhost:8800
SECURITYGROUP/firewall_driver neutron.agent.firewall.NoopFirewallDriver None
Table 7.67. Deprecated options
Deprecated option New Option
nvp_controllers nsx_controllers
NVP/nvp_gen_timeout NSX/nsx_gen_timeout
dnsmasq_dns_server dnsmasq_dns_servers
log_config log_config_append
nvp_password nsx_password
loadbalancer_state_path haproxy/loadbalancer_state_path
user_group haproxy/user_group
nvp_user nsx_user
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