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 Dell EqualLogic volume driver

The Dell EqualLogic volume driver interacts with configured EqualLogic arrays and supports various operations, such as volume creation and deletion, volume attachment and detachment, snapshot creation and deletion, and clone creation.

To configure and use a Dell EqualLogic array with Block Storage, modify your cinder.conf as follows.

Set the volume_driver option to the Dell EqualLogic volume driver:


Set the san_ip option to the IP address to reach the EqualLogic Group through SSH:


Set the san_login option to the user name to login to the Group manager:


Set the san_password option to the password to login the Group manager with:


The following table describes additional options that the driver supports:

Table 1.3. Description of configuration options for eqlx
Configuration option = Default value Description
eqlx_chap_login = admin (StrOpt) Existing CHAP account name
eqlx_chap_password = password (StrOpt) Password for specified CHAP account name
eqlx_cli_max_retries = 5 (IntOpt) Maximum retry count for reconnection
eqlx_cli_timeout = 30 (IntOpt) Timeout for the Group Manager cli command execution
eqlx_group_name = group-0 (StrOpt) Group name to use for creating volumes
eqlx_pool = default (StrOpt) Pool in which volumes will be created
eqlx_use_chap = False (BoolOpt) Use CHAP authentication for targets?

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