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 MidoNet configuration options

Table 7.25. Description of configuration options for midonet
Configuration option = Default value Description
midonet_host_uuid_path = /etc/midolman/ (StrOpt) Path to midonet host uuid file
midonet_uri = http://localhost:8080/midonet-api (StrOpt) MidoNet API server URI.
mode = dev (StrOpt) Operational mode. Internal dev use only.
password = passw0rd (StrOpt) MidoNet admin password.
project_id = 77777777-7777-7777-7777-777777777777 (StrOpt) ID of the project that MidoNet admin userbelongs to.
provider_router_id = None (StrOpt) Virtual provider router ID.
username = admin (StrOpt) MidoNet admin username.

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