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 L3 agent

Use the following options in the l3_agent.ini file for the L3 agent.

Table 7.49. Description of configuration options for l3_agent
Configuration option = Default value Description
enable_metadata_proxy = True (BoolOpt) Allow running metadata proxy.
external_network_bridge = br-ex (StrOpt) Name of bridge used for external network traffic.
gateway_external_network_id = (StrOpt) UUID of external network for routers implemented by the agents.
handle_internal_only_routers = True (BoolOpt) Agent should implement routers with no gateway
router_id = (StrOpt) If namespaces is disabled, the l3 agent can only configure a router that has the matching router ID.
send_arp_for_ha = 0 (IntOpt) Send this many gratuitous ARPs for HA setup, if less than or equal to 0, the feature is disabled

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