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Use the following options in the vpn_agent.ini file for the VPN agent.

Table 7.62. Description of configuration options for vpn
Configuration option = Default value Description
config_base_dir = $state_path/ipsec (StrOpt) Location to store ipsec server config files
ipsec_status_check_interval = 60 (IntOpt) Interval for checking ipsec status
ipsec_config_template = /usr/lib/python/site-packages/neutron/services/vpn/device_drivers/template/openswan/ipsec.conf.template (StrOpt) Template file for ipsec configuration
ipsec_secret_template = /usr/lib/python/site-packages/neutron/services/vpn/device_drivers/template/openswan/ipsec.secret.template (StrOpt) Template file for ipsec secret configuration
vpn_device_driver = [''] (MultiStrOpt) The vpn device drivers Neutron will use

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