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 Metadata Agent

Use the following options in the metadata_agent.ini file for the Metadata agent.

Table 7.52. Description of configuration options for metadata
Configuration option = Default value Description
meta_flavor_driver_mappings = None (StrOpt) Mapping between flavor and LinuxInterfaceDriver
metadata_backlog = 128 (IntOpt) Number of backlog requests to configure the metadata server socket with
metadata_port = 9697 (IntOpt) TCP Port used by Neutron metadata namespace proxy.
metadata_proxy_shared_secret = (StrOpt) Shared secret to sign instance-id request
metadata_proxy_socket = $state_path/metadata_proxy (StrOpt) Location of Metadata Proxy UNIX domain socket
metadata_workers = 0 (IntOpt) Number of separate worker processes for metadata server
nova_metadata_ip = (StrOpt) IP address used by Nova metadata server.
nova_metadata_port = 8775 (IntOpt) TCP Port used by Nova metadata server.

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