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 Nexenta drivers

NexentaStor Appliance is NAS/SAN software platform designed for building reliable and fast network storage arrays. The Nexenta Storage Appliance uses ZFS as a disk management system. NexentaStor can serve as a storage node for the OpenStack and its virtual servers through iSCSI and NFS protocols.

With the NFS option, every Compute volume is represented by a directory designated to be its own file system in the ZFS file system. These file systems are exported using NFS.

With either option some minimal setup is required to tell OpenStack which NexentaStor servers are being used, whether they are supporting iSCSI and/or NFS and how to access each of the servers.

Typically the only operation required on the NexentaStor servers is to create the containing directory for the iSCSI or NFS exports. For NFS this containing directory must be explicitly exported via NFS. There is no software that must be installed on the NexentaStor servers; they are controlled using existing management plane interfaces.

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