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 Loadbalancer-as-a-Service agent

Use the following options in the lbaas_agent.ini file for the LbaaS agent.

Table 7.50. Description of configuration options for lbaas
Configuration option = Default value Description
device_driver = [''] (MultiStrOpt) Drivers used to manage loadbalancing devices
loadbalancer_pool_scheduler_driver = (StrOpt) Driver to use for scheduling pool to a default loadbalancer agent
loadbalancer_state_path = $state_path/lbaas (StrOpt) Location to store config and state files
user_group = nogroup (StrOpt) The user group
netscaler_ncc_password = None (StrOpt) Password to login to the NetScaler Control Center Server.
netscaler_ncc_uri = None (StrOpt) The URL to reach the NetScaler Control Center Server.
netscaler_ncc_username = None (StrOpt) Username to login to the NetScaler Control Center Server.
actions_to_skip = setup_l2_l3 (ListOpt) List of actions that we dont want to push to the completion queue
l2_l3_ctor_params = {'ha_ip_pool_name': 'default', 'allocate_ha_vrrp': True, 'ha_network_name': 'HA-Network', 'service': '_REPLACE_', 'allocate_ha_ips': True} (DictOpt) l2_l3 workflow constructor params
l2_l3_setup_params = {'data_ip_address': '', 'data_port': 1, 'gateway': '', 'ha_port': 2, 'data_ip_mask': ''} (DictOpt) l2_l3 workflow setup params
l2_l3_workflow_name = openstack_l2_l3 (StrOpt) l2_l3 workflow name
l4_action_name = BaseCreate (StrOpt) l4 workflow action name
l4_workflow_name = openstack_l4 (StrOpt) l4 workflow name
service_adc_type = VA (StrOpt) Service ADC type
service_adc_version = (StrOpt) Service ADC version
service_cache = 20 (IntOpt) service cache
service_compression_throughput = 100 (IntOpt) service compression throughtput
service_ha_pair = False (BoolOpt) service HA pair
service_isl_vlan = -1 (IntOpt) A required VLAN for the interswitch link to use
service_resource_pool_ids = (ListOpt) Resource pool ids
service_session_mirroring_enabled = False (BoolOpt) Support an Alteon interswitch link for stateful session failover
service_ssl_throughput = 100 (IntOpt) service ssl throughtput
service_throughput = 1000 (IntOpt) service throughtput
vdirect_address = None (StrOpt) vdirect server IP address
vdirect_password = radware (StrOpt) vdirect user password
vdirect_user = vDirect (StrOpt) vdirect user name

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