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 Configure XenAPI Storage Manager

  1. xensm requires that you use either Citrix XenServer or XCP as the hypervisor. The NetApp and EqualLogic back-ends are not supported on XCP.

  2. Ensure all hosts running volume and Compute services have connectivity to the storage system.

  • Set the following configuration options for the nova volume service: (nova-compute also requires the volume_driver configuration option.)

  • You must create the back-end configurations that the volume driver uses before you start the volume service.

    $ nova-manage sm flavor_create <label> <description>
    $ nova-manage sm flavor_delete <label>
    $ nova-manage sm backend_add <flavor label> <SR type> [config connection parameters]

    SR type and configuration connection parameters are in keeping with the XenAPI Command Line Interface.

    $ nova-manage sm backend_delete <back-end-id>

    Example: For the NFS storage manager plug-in, run these commands:

    $ nova-manage sm flavor_create gold "Not all that glitters"
    $ nova-manage sm flavor_delete gold
    $ nova-manage sm backend_add gold nfs name_label=myback-end server=myserver serverpath=/local/scratch/myname
    $ nova-manage sm backend_remove 1
  • Start cinder-volume and nova-compute with the new configuration options.

 Create and access the volumes from VMs

Currently, the flavors have not been tied to the volume types API. As a result, we simply end up creating volumes in a "first fit" order on the given back-ends.

Use the standard euca-* or OpenStack API commands (such as volume extensions) to create, destroy, attach, or detach volumes.

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