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 Swift backup driver

The backup driver for Swift back-end performs a volume backup to a Swift object storage system.

To enable the Swift backup driver, include the following option in the cinder.conf file:

backup_driver = cinder.backup.drivers.swift

The following configuration options are available for the Swift back-end backup driver.

Table 1.32. Description of configuration options for backups_swift
Configuration option = Default value Description
backup_swift_auth = per_user (StrOpt) Swift authentication mechanism
backup_swift_container = volumebackups (StrOpt) The default Swift container to use
backup_swift_key = None (StrOpt) Swift key for authentication
backup_swift_object_size = 52428800 (IntOpt) The size in bytes of Swift backup objects
backup_swift_retry_attempts = 3 (IntOpt) The number of retries to make for Swift operations
backup_swift_retry_backoff = 2 (IntOpt) The backoff time in seconds between Swift retries
backup_swift_url = http://localhost:8080/v1/AUTH_ (StrOpt) The URL of the Swift endpoint
backup_swift_user = None (StrOpt) Swift user name

This example shows the default options for the Swift back-end backup driver.

backup_swift_url = http://localhost:8080/v1/AUTH
backup_swift_auth = per_user
backup_swift_user = <None>
backup_swift_key = <None>
backup_swift_container = volumebackups
backup_swift_object_size = 52428800
backup_swift_retry_attempts = 3
backup_swift_retry_backoff = 2
backup_compression_algorithm = zlib
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