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Use the following options to alter logging settings.

Table 7.51. Description of configuration options for logging
Configuration option = Default value Description
debug = False (BoolOpt) Print debugging output (set logging level to DEBUG instead of default WARNING level).
default_log_levels = amqp=WARN, amqplib=WARN, boto=WARN, qpid=WARN, sqlalchemy=WARN, suds=INFO, iso8601=WARN (ListOpt) list of logger=LEVEL pairs
fatal_deprecations = False (BoolOpt) make deprecations fatal
instance_format = "[instance: %(uuid)s] " (StrOpt) If an instance is passed with the log message, format it like this
instance_uuid_format = "[instance: %(uuid)s] " (StrOpt) If an instance UUID is passed with the log message, format it like this
log_config_append = None (StrOpt) The name of logging configuration file. It does not disable existing loggers, but just appends specified logging configuration to any other existing logging options. Please see the Python logging module documentation for details on logging configuration files.
log_date_format = %Y-%m-%d %H:%M:%S (StrOpt) Format string for %%(asctime)s in log records. Default: %(default)s
log_dir = None (StrOpt) (Optional) The base directory used for relative --log-file paths
log_file = None (StrOpt) (Optional) Name of log file to output to. If no default is set, logging will go to stdout.
log_format = None (StrOpt) DEPRECATED. A logging.Formatter log message format string which may use any of the available logging.LogRecord attributes. This option is deprecated. Please use logging_context_format_string and logging_default_format_string instead.
logging_context_format_string = %(asctime)s.%(msecs)03d %(process)d %(levelname)s %(name)s [%(request_id)s %(user_identity)s] %(instance)s%(message)s (StrOpt) format string to use for log messages with context
logging_debug_format_suffix = %(funcName)s %(pathname)s:%(lineno)d (StrOpt) data to append to log format when level is DEBUG
logging_default_format_string = %(asctime)s.%(msecs)03d %(process)d %(levelname)s %(name)s [-] %(instance)s%(message)s (StrOpt) format string to use for log messages without context
logging_exception_prefix = %(asctime)s.%(msecs)03d %(process)d TRACE %(name)s %(instance)s (StrOpt) prefix each line of exception output with this format
publish_errors = False (BoolOpt) publish error events
syslog_log_facility = LOG_USER (StrOpt) syslog facility to receive log lines
use_ssl = False (BoolOpt) Enable SSL on the API server
use_stderr = True (BoolOpt) Log output to standard error
use_syslog = False (BoolOpt) Use syslog for logging.
verbose = False (BoolOpt) Print more verbose output (set logging level to INFO instead of default WARNING level).

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