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 Static Large Object (SLO) support

This feature is very similar to Dynamic Large Object (DLO) support in that it enables the user to upload many objects concurrently and afterwards download them as a single object. It is different in that it does not rely on eventually consistent container listings to do so. Instead, a user-defined manifest of the object segments is used.

Table 8.60. Description of configuration options for [filter:slo] in proxy-server.conf-sample
Configuration option = Default value Description
use = egg:swift#sloEntry point of paste.deploy in the server
max_manifest_segments = 1000No help text available for this option.
max_manifest_size = 2097152No help text available for this option.
min_segment_size = 1048576No help text available for this option.
rate_limit_after_segment = 10Rate limit the download of large object segments after this segment is downloaded.
rate_limit_segments_per_sec = 0Rate limit large object downloads at this rate. contact for a normal request. You can use '* replicas' at the end to have it use the number given times the number of replicas for the ring being used for the request. paste.deploy to use for auth. To use tempauth set to: `egg:swift#tempauth` each request
max_get_time = 86400No help text available for this option.

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