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 Configure Block Storage to use Fibre Channel Zone Manager

If Block Storage is configured to use a Fibre Channel volume driver that supports Zone Manager, update cinder.conf to add the following configuration options to enable Fibre Channel Zone Manager.

Make the following changes in the /etc/cinder/cinder.conf file.

Table 1.34. Description of configuration options for zoning
Configuration option = Default value Description
zoning_mode = none (StrOpt) FC Zoning mode configured
fc_fabric_names = None (StrOpt) Comma separated list of fibre channel fabric names. This list of names is used to retrieve other SAN credentials for connecting to each SAN fabric
zoning_policy = initiator-target (StrOpt) Zoning policy configured by user

To use different Fibre Channel Zone Drivers, use the parameters described in this section.


When multi backend configuration is used, provide the zoning_mode configuration option as part of the volume driver configuration where volume_driver option is specified.


Default value of zoning_mode is None and this needs to be changed to fabric to allow fabric zoning.


zoning_policy can be configured as initiator-target or initiator

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