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 Nexenta iSCSI driver

The Nexenta iSCSI driver allows you to use a NexentaStor appliance to store Compute volumes. Every Compute volume is represented by a single zvol in a predefined Nexenta namespace. For every new volume the driver creates a iSCSI target and iSCSI target group that are used to access it from compute hosts.

The Nexenta iSCSI volume driver should work with all versions of NexentaStor. The NexentaStor appliance must be installed and configured according to the relevant Nexenta documentation. A pool and an enclosing namespace must be created for all iSCSI volumes to be accessed through the volume driver. This should be done as specified in the release specific NexentaStor documentation.

The NexentaStor Appliance iSCSI driver is selected using the normal procedures for one or multiple back-end volume drivers. You must configure these items for each NexentaStor appliance that the iSCSI volume driver controls:

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