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glance-scrubber is a utility for the Image Service that cleans up images that have been deleted; its configuration is stored in the glance-scrubber.conf file.

Multiple instances of glance-scrubber can be run in a single deployment, but only one of them can be designated as the cleanup_scrubber in the glance-scrubber.conf file. The cleanup_scrubber coordinates other glance-scrubber instances by maintaining the master queue of images that need to be removed.

# Show more verbose log output (sets INFO log level output)
#verbose = False

# Show debugging output in logs (sets DEBUG log level output)
#debug = False

# Log to this file. Make sure you do not set the same log file for both the API
# and registry servers!
# If `log_file` is omitted and `use_syslog` is false, then log messages are
# sent to stdout as a fallback.
log_file = /var/log/glance/scrubber.log

# Send logs to syslog (/dev/log) instead of to file specified by `log_file`
#use_syslog = False

# Should we run our own loop or rely on cron/scheduler to run us
daemon = False

# Loop time between checking for new items to schedule for delete
wakeup_time = 300

# Directory that the scrubber will use to remind itself of what to delete
# Make sure this is also set in glance-api.conf
scrubber_datadir = /var/lib/glance/scrubber

# Only one server in your deployment should be designated the cleanup host
cleanup_scrubber = False

# pending_delete items older than this time are candidates for cleanup
cleanup_scrubber_time = 86400

# Address to find the registry server for cleanups
registry_host =

# Port the registry server is listening on
registry_port = 9191

# Auth settings if using Keystone
# auth_url =
# admin_tenant_name = %SERVICE_TENANT_NAME%
# admin_user = %SERVICE_USER%
# admin_password = %SERVICE_PASSWORD%

# Directory to use for lock files. Default to a temp directory
# (string value). This setting needs to be the same for both
# glance-scrubber and glance-api.

# ================= Security Options ==========================

# AES key for encrypting store 'location' metadata, including
# -- if used -- Swift or S3 credentials
# Should be set to a random string of length 16, 24 or 32 bytes
#metadata_encryption_key = <16, 24 or 32 char registry metadata key>
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