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 Enable the GPFS driver

To use the Block Storage service with the GPFS driver, first set the volume_driver in cinder.conf:

volume_driver =

The following table contains the configuration options supported by the GPFS driver.

Table 2.11. Description of GPFS storage configuration options
Configuration option = Default value Description
gpfs_images_dir = None (StrOpt) Specifies the path of the Image service repository in GPFS. Leave undefined if not storing images in GPFS.
gpfs_images_share_mode = None (StrOpt) Specifies the type of image copy to be used. Set this when the Image service repository also uses GPFS so that image files can be transferred efficiently from the Image service to the Block Storage service. There are two valid values: "copy" specifies that a full copy of the image is made; "copy_on_write" specifies that copy-on-write optimization strategy is used and unmodified blocks of the image file are shared efficiently.
gpfs_max_clone_depth = 0 (IntOpt) Specifies an upper limit on the number of indirections required to reach a specific block due to snapshots or clones. A lengthy chain of copy-on-write snapshots or clones can have a negative impact on performance, but improves space utilization. 0 indicates unlimited clone depth.
gpfs_mount_point_base = None (StrOpt) Specifies the path of the GPFS directory where Block Storage volume and snapshot files are stored.
gpfs_sparse_volumes = True (BoolOpt) Specifies that volumes are created as sparse files which initially consume no space. If set to False, the volume is created as a fully allocated file, in which case, creation may take a significantly longer time.
gpfs_storage_pool = system (StrOpt) Specifies the storage pool that volumes are assigned to. By default, the system storage pool is used.


The gpfs_images_share_mode flag is only valid if the Image Service is configured to use GPFS with the gpfs_images_dir flag. When the value of this flag is copy_on_write, the paths specified by the gpfs_mount_point_base and gpfs_images_dir flags must both reside in the same GPFS file system and in the same GPFS file set.

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