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 Brocade Fibre Channel Zone Driver

Brocade Fibre Channel Zone Driver performs zoning operations through SSH. Configure Brocade Zone Driver and lookup service by specifying the following parameters:

Table 2.44. Description of zoning manager configuration options
Configuration option = Default value Description
brcd_sb_connector = cinder.zonemanager.drivers.brocade.brcd_fc_zone_client_cli.BrcdFCZoneClientCLI (StrOpt) Southbound connector for zoning operation

Configure SAN fabric parameters in the form of fabric groups as described in the example below:

Table 2.45. Description of zoning fabrics configuration options
Configuration option = Default value Description
fc_fabric_address = (StrOpt) Management IP of fabric
fc_fabric_password = (StrOpt) Password for user
fc_fabric_port = 22 (IntOpt) Connecting port
fc_fabric_user = (StrOpt) Fabric user ID
principal_switch_wwn = None (StrOpt) Principal switch WWN of the fabric
zone_activate = True (BoolOpt) overridden zoning activation state
zone_name_prefix = None (StrOpt) overridden zone name prefix
zoning_policy = initiator-target (StrOpt) overridden zoning policy


Define a fabric group for each fabric using the fabric names used in fc_fabric_names configuration option as group name.

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