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 Drive audit

The swift-drive-audit configuration items reference a script that can be run by using cron to watch for bad drives. If errors are detected, it unmounts the bad drive, so that OpenStack Object Storage can work around it. It takes the following options:

Table 10.79. Description of configuration options for [drive-audit] in drive-audit.conf
Configuration option = Default value Description
device_dir = /srv/node Directory devices are mounted under
error_limit = 1 Number of errors to find before a device is unmounted
log_address = /dev/log Location where syslog sends the logs to
log_facility = LOG_LOCAL0 Syslog log facility
log_file_pattern = /var/log/kern.*[!.][!g][!z] Location of the log file with globbing pattern to check against device errors locate device blocks with errors in the log file
log_level = INFO Logging level
log_max_line_length = 0 Caps the length of log lines to the value given; no limit if set to 0, the default.
log_to_console = False No help text available for this option.
minutes = 60 Number of minutes to look back in `/var/log/kern.log`
recon_cache_path = /var/cache/swift Directory where stats for a few items will be stored
regex_pattern_1 = \berror\b.*\b(dm-[0-9]{1,2}\d?)\b No help text available for this option.
unmount_failed_device = True No help text available for this option.

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