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 NFS backup driver

The backup driver for the NFS back end backs up volumes of any type to an NFS exported backup repository.

To enable the NFS backup driver, include the following option in the [DEFAULT] section of the cinder.conf file:

backup_driver = cinder.backup.drivers.nfs

The following configuration options are available for the NFS back-end backup driver.

Table 2.41. Description of NFS backup driver configuration options
Configuration option = Default value Description
backup_container = None (StrOpt) Custom container to use for backups.
backup_enable_progress_timer = True (BoolOpt) Enable or Disable the timer to send the periodic progress notifications to Ceilometer when backing up the volume to the backend storage. The default value is True to enable the timer.
backup_file_size = 1999994880 (IntOpt) The maximum size in bytes of the files used to hold backups. If the volume being backed up exceeds this size, then it will be backed up into multiple files. backup_file_size must be a multiple of backup_sha_block_size_bytes.
backup_mount_options = None (StrOpt) Mount options passed to the NFS client. See NFS man page for details.
backup_mount_point_base = $state_path/backup_mount (StrOpt) Base dir containing mount point for NFS share.
backup_sha_block_size_bytes = 32768 (IntOpt) The size in bytes that changes are tracked for incremental backups. backup_file_size has to be multiple of backup_sha_block_size_bytes.
backup_share = None (StrOpt) NFS share in fqdn:path, ipv4addr:path, or "[ipv6addr]:path" format.

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