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 VMware vSphere configuration options

Table 9.37. Description of VMware configuration options
Configuration option = Default value Description
default_interface_name = breth0 (StrOpt) Name of the interface on a L2 Gateway transport nodewhich should be used by default when setting up a network connection
agent_driver = networking_vsphere.agent.ovsvapp_agent.OVSvAppL2Agent (StrOpt) OVSvApp Agent implementation.
agent_maintenance = False (BoolOpt) Turn on this flag during agent updates to help prevent datapath outage.
bridge_mappings = (ListOpt) Bridge mappings.
dont_fragment = True (IntOpt) Do not fragment.
integration_bridge = br-int (StrOpt) Integration Bridge.
local_ip = (StrOpt) Local IP address of VXLAN tunnel endpoint.
network_manager = networking_vsphere.drivers.manager.VcenterManager (StrOpt) Driver Manager implementation for NetworkDriver.
polling_interval = 2 (IntOpt) The number of seconds the agent will wait between polling for local device changes.
report_interval = 4 (IntOpt) Seconds between nodes reporting state to server.
tenant_network_type = vlan (StrOpt) Network type for tenant networks
tunnel_bridge = br-tun (StrOpt) Tunnel Bridge for tunneling.
tunnel_types = vxlan (ListOpt) Tunnel network types supported by the OVSvApp Agent.
veth_mtu = 1500 (IntOpt) MTU size of veth interfaces.
vxlan_udp_port = 4789 (IntOpt) The UDP port to use for VXLAN tunnels.
cert_check = False (BoolOpt) Enable SSL certificate check for vCenter.
cert_path = /etc/ssl/certs/certs.pem (StrOpt) Certificate chain path containing cacert of vCenters.
cluster_dvs_mapping = [''] (MultiStrOpt) vCenter cluster to DVS mapping.
esx_hostname = None (StrOpt) ESX host name where this OVSvApp is hosted.
esx_maintenance_mode = True (BoolOpt) Set host into maintenance mode.
https_port = 443 (IntOpt) Customized https_port for vCenter communication.
vcenter_api_retry_count = 5 (StrOpt) Number of retries while connecting to vcenter server.
vcenter_id = None (StrOpt) Unique ID of the vCenter Server on which this OVSvApp ishosted
vcenter_ip = None (StrOpt) vCenter server IP.
vcenter_password = None (StrOpt) vCenter server password.
vcenter_username = None (StrOpt) vCenter server user name.
wsdl_location = None (StrOpt) vCenter server wsdl location.

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