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 Modular Layer 2 (ml2) Cisco Mechanism configuration options

Table 9.23. Description of ML2 Cisco mechanism driver configuration options
Configuration option = Default value Description
apic_system_id = openstack (StrOpt) Prefix for APIC domain/names/profiles created
host_key_checks = False (BoolOpt) Enable strict host key checks when connecting to Nexus switches
managed_physical_network = None (StrOpt) The physical network managed by the switches.
persistent_switch_config = False (BoolOpt) To make Nexus configuration persistent
provider_vlan_auto_create = True (BoolOpt) Provider VLANs are automatically created as needed on the Nexus switch
provider_vlan_auto_trunk = True (BoolOpt) Provider VLANs are automatically trunked as needed on the ports of the Nexus switch
provider_vlan_name_prefix = p- (StrOpt) VLAN Name prefix for provider vlans
svi_round_robin = False (BoolOpt) Distribute SVI interfaces over all switches
switch_heartbeat_time = 0 (IntOpt) Periodic time to check switch connection. (0=disabled)
switch_replay_count = 3 (IntOpt) Number of times to attempt config replay with switch.
vlan_name_prefix = q- (StrOpt) VLAN Name prefix
vxlan_global_config = False (BoolOpt) Create and delete Nexus switch VXLAN global settings; feature nv overlay, feature vn-segment-vlan-based, interface nve + source-interface loopback
apic_agent_poll_interval = 2 (FloatOpt) Interval between agent poll for topology (in sec)
apic_agent_report_interval = 30 (FloatOpt) Interval between agent status updates (in sec)
apic_app_profile_name = ${apic_system_id}_app (StrOpt) Name for the app profile used for Openstack
apic_domain_name = ${apic_system_id} (StrOpt) Name for the domain created on APIC
apic_entity_profile = ${apic_system_id}_entity_profile (StrOpt) Name of the entity profile to be created
apic_function_profile = ${apic_system_id}_function_profile (StrOpt) Name of the function profile to be created
apic_host_uplink_ports = (ListOpt) The uplink ports to check for ACI connectivity
apic_hosts = (ListOpt) An ordered list of host names or IP addresses of the APIC controller(s).
apic_lacp_profile = ${apic_system_id}_lacp_profile (StrOpt) Name of the LACP profile to be created
apic_name_mapping = use_name (StrOpt) Name mapping strategy to use: use_uuid | use_name
apic_node_profile = ${apic_system_id}_node_profile (StrOpt) Name of the node profile to be created
apic_password = None (StrOpt) Password for the APIC controller
apic_sync_interval = 0 (IntOpt) Synchronization interval in seconds
apic_use_ssl = True (BoolOpt) Use SSL to connect to the APIC controller
apic_username = None (StrOpt) Username for the APIC controller
apic_vlan_ns_name = ${apic_system_id}_vlan_ns (StrOpt) Name for the vlan namespace to be used for Openstack
apic_vlan_range = 2:4093 (StrOpt) Range of VLAN's to be used for Openstack
apic_vpc_pairs = (ListOpt) The switch pairs for VPC connectivity
default_policy_profile = default-pp (StrOpt) Cisco Nexus1000V default policy profile.
default_vlan_network_profile = default-vlan-np (StrOpt) Cisco Nexus1000V default network profile for VLAN networks.
default_vxlan_network_profile = default-vxlan-np (StrOpt) Cisco Nexus1000V default network profile for VXLAN networks.
http_pool_size = 4 (IntOpt) Number of threads to use to make HTTP requests.
http_timeout = 15 (IntOpt) HTTP timeout, in seconds, for connections to the Cisco Nexus1000V VSMs.
n1kv_vsm_ips = None (ListOpt) Comma Separated IP Addresses of the Cisco Nexus1000V VSMs.
password = None (StrOpt) Password for all configured Cisco Nexus1000V VSMs.
poll_duration = 60 (IntOpt) Cisco Nexus1000V policy profile polling duration in seconds.
restrict_policy_profiles = False (BoolOpt) Restrict the visibility of policy profiles to the tenants.
sync_interval = 300 (IntOpt) Time interval between consecutive neutron-VSM syncs.
username = None (StrOpt) Username for all configured Cisco Nexus1000V VSMs.
supported_pci_devs = 1137:0071, 8086:10c9 (ListOpt) List of comma separated vendor_id:product_id of SR_IOV capable devices supported by this MD. This MD supports both VM-FEX and SR-IOV devices.
ucsm_host_list = None (ListOpt) List of comma separated Host:Service Profile tuples providing the Service Profile associated with each Host to be supported by this MD.
ucsm_ip = None (StrOpt) Cisco UCS Manager IP address. This is a required field to communicate with a Cisco UCS Manager.
ucsm_password = None (StrOpt) Password for UCS Manager. This is a required field to communicate with a Cisco UCS Manager.
ucsm_username = None (StrOpt) Username for UCS Manager. This is a required field to communicate with a Cisco UCS Manager.

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