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 Meta Plug-in configuration options

The Meta Plug-in allows you to use multiple plug-ins at the same time.

Table 9.12. Description of meta configuration options
Configuration option = Default value Description
default_flavor = (StrOpt) Default flavor to use, when flavor:network is not specified at network creation.
default_l3_flavor = (StrOpt) Default L3 flavor to use, when flavor:router is not specified at router creation. Ignored if 'l3_plugin_list' is blank.
extension_map = (StrOpt) Comma separated list of method:flavor to select specific plugin for a method. This has priority over method search order based on 'plugin_list'.
l3_plugin_list = (StrOpt) Comma separated list of flavor:neutron_plugin for L3 service plugins to load. This is intended for specifying L2 plugins which support L3 functions. If you use a router service plugin, set this blank.
plugin_list = (StrOpt) Comma separated list of flavor:neutron_plugin for plugins to load. Extension method is searched in the list order and the first one is used.
rpc_flavor = (StrOpt) Specifies flavor for plugin to handle 'q-plugin' RPC requests.
supported_extension_aliases = (StrOpt) Comma separated list of supported extension aliases.

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