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 System requirements

Supported storages:

  • Hitachi Virtual Storage Platform G1000 (VSP G1000)

  • Hitachi Virtual Storage Platform (VSP)

  • Hitachi Unified Storage VM (HUS VM)

  • Hitachi Unified Storage 100 Family (HUS 100 Family)

Required software:

  • RAID Manager Ver 01-32-03/01 or later for VSP G1000/VSP/HUS VM

  • Hitachi Storage Navigator Modular 2 (HSNM2) Ver 27.50 or later for HUS 100 Family


HSNM2 needs to be installed under /usr/stonavm.

Required licenses:

  • Hitachi In-System Replication Software for VSP G1000/VSP/HUS VM

  • (Mandatory) ShadowImage in-system replication for HUS 100 Family

  • (Optional) Copy-on-Write Snapshot for HUS 100 Family

Additionaly, the pexpect package is required.

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