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The rootwrap.conf file defines configuration values used by the rootwrap script when the Compute service needs to escalate its privileges to those of the root user.

It is also possible to disable the root wrapper, and default to sudo only. Configure the disable_rootwrap option in the [workaround] section of the nova.conf configuration file.

                # Configuration for nova-rootwrap
# This file should be owned by (and only-writeable by) the root user

# List of directories to load filter definitions from (separated by ',').
# These directories MUST all be only writeable by root !

# List of directories to search executables in, in case filters do not
# explicitely specify a full path (separated by ',')
# If not specified, defaults to system PATH environment variable.
# These directories MUST all be only writeable by root !

# Enable logging to syslog
# Default value is False

# Which syslog facility to use.
# Valid values include auth, authpriv, syslog, local0, local1...
# Default value is 'syslog'

# Which messages to log.
# INFO means log all usage
# ERROR means only log unsuccessful attempts

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