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 System requirements

To use the HP 3PAR drivers, install the following software and components on the HP 3PAR storage system:

  • HP 3PAR Operating System software version 3.1.3 MU1 or higher.

    • Deduplication provisioning requires SSD disks and HP 3PAR Operating System software version 3.2.1 MU1 or higher.

    • Enabling Flash Cache Policy requires the following:

      • Array must contain SSD disks.

      • HP 3PAR Operating System software version 3.2.1 MU2 or higher.

      • hp3parclient version 3.2.0 or newer.

      • Array must have the Adaptive Flash Cache license installed.

      • Flash Cache must be enabled on the array with the CLI command createflashcache size, where size must be in 16 GB increments. For example, createflashcache 128g will create 128 GB of Flash Cache for each node pair in the array.

    • The Dynamic Optimization license is required to support any feature that results in a volume changing provisioning type or CPG. This may apply to the volume migrate, retype, and manage commands.

  • HP 3PAR Web Services API Server must be enabled and running

  • One Common Provisioning Group (CPG)

  • Additionally, you must install the hp3parclient version 3.1.1 or newer from the Python standard library on the system with the enabled Block Storage service volume drivers.

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