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 Container quotas

The container_quotas middleware implements simple quotas that can be imposed on Object Storage containers by a user with the ability to set container metadata, most likely the account administrator. This can be useful for limiting the scope of containers that are delegated to non-admin users, exposed to formpost uploads, or just as a self-imposed sanity check.

Any object PUT operations that exceed these quotas return a 403 response (forbidden).

Quotas are subject to several limitations: eventual consistency, the timeliness of the cached container_info (60 second TTL by default), and it is unable to reject chunked transfer uploads that exceed the quota (though once the quota is exceeded, new chunked transfers are refused).

Set quotas by adding meta values to the container. These values are validated when you set them:

  • X-Container-Meta-Quota-Bytes: Maximum size of the container, in bytes.

  • X-Container-Meta-Quota-Count: Maximum object count of the container.

Table 10.77. Description of configuration options for [filter-container-quotas] in proxy-server.conf
Configuration option = Default value Description
use = egg:swift#container_quotas Entry point of paste.deploy in the server

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