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 Layer 2 Gateway configuration options

Table 9.10. Description of Layer 2 Gateway configuration options
Configuration option = Default value Description
default_device_name = Switch1 (StrOpt) default_device_name of the l2 gateway
default_l2_gw_service_uuid = None (StrOpt) Unique identifier of the NSX L2 Gateway service which will be used by default for network gateways
default_l3_gw_service_uuid = None (StrOpt) Unique identifier of the NSX L3 Gateway service which will be used for implementing routers and floating IPs
l2gw_callback_class = (StrOpt) L2 gateway plugin callback class where theRPCs from the agent are going to get invoked
quota_l2_gateway = 5 (IntOpt) Number of l2 gateways allowed per tenant, -1 for unlimited
l2_gw_agent_ca_cert_base_path = None (StrOpt) Trusted issuer CA cert
l2_gw_agent_cert_base_path = None (StrOpt) L2 gateway agent public certificate
l2_gw_agent_priv_key_base_path = None (StrOpt) L2 gateway agent private key
max_connection_retries = 10 (IntOpt) Maximum number of retries to open a socket with the OVSDB server
ovsdb_hosts = host1: (StrOpt) OVSDB server name:host/IP:port
periodic_interval = 20 (IntOpt) Seconds between periodic task runs

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