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 Scality SOFS driver

The Scality SOFS volume driver interacts with configured sfused mounts.

The Scality SOFS driver manages volumes as sparse files stored on a Scality Ring through sfused. Ring connection settings and sfused options are defined in the cinder.conf file and the configuration file pointed to by the scality_sofs_config option, typically /etc/sfused.conf.

 Supported operations

The Scality SOFS volume driver provides the following Block Storage volume operations:

  • Create, delete, attach (map), and detach (unmap) volumes.

  • Create, list, and delete volume snapshots.

  • Create a volume from a snapshot.

  • Copy an image to a volume.

  • Copy a volume to an image.

  • Clone a volume.

  • Extend a volume.

  • Backup a volume.

  • Restore backup to new or existing volume.


Use the following instructions to update the cinder.conf configuration file:


Example 2.5. Sample Block Storage Configuration

enabled_backends = scality-1

volume_backend_name = scality-1


Use the following instructions to update the nova.conf configuration file:


Example 2.6. Sample Compute Configuration

scality_sofs_mount_point = /cinder
scality_sofs_config = /etc/sfused.conf

Table 2.28. Description of Scality SOFS volume driver configuration options
Configuration option = Default value Description
scality_sofs_config = None (StrOpt) Path or URL to Scality SOFS configuration file
scality_sofs_mount_point = $state_path/scality (StrOpt) Base dir where Scality SOFS shall be mounted
scality_sofs_volume_dir = cinder/volumes (StrOpt) Path from Scality SOFS root to volume dir

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