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 CNAME lookup

Middleware that translates an unknown domain in the host header to something that ends with the configured storage_domain by looking up the given domain's CNAME record in DNS.

Table 10.71. Description of configuration options for [filter-cname_lookup] in proxy-server.conf
Configuration option = Default value Description
lookup_depth = 1 Because CNAMES can be recursive, specifies the number of levels through which to search.
set log_address = /dev/log Location where syslog sends the logs to
set log_facility = LOG_LOCAL0 Syslog log facility
set log_headers = false If True, log headers in each request
set log_level = INFO Log level
set log_name = cname_lookup Label to use when logging
storage_domain = Domain that matches your cloud. Multiple domains can be specified using a comma-separated list.
use = egg:swift#cname_lookup Entry point of paste.deploy in the server

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