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Use the following options to alter API-related settings.

Table 9.46. Description of API configuration options
Configuration option = Default value Description
allow_bulk = True (BoolOpt) Allow the usage of the bulk API
allow_pagination = False (BoolOpt) Allow the usage of the pagination
allow_sorting = False (BoolOpt) Allow the usage of the sorting
api_extensions_path = (StrOpt) The path for API extensions
api_paste_config = api-paste.ini (StrOpt) The API paste config file to use
backlog = 4096 (IntOpt) Number of backlog requests to configure the socket with
client_socket_timeout = 900 (IntOpt) Timeout for client connections socket operations. If an incoming connection is idle for this number of seconds it will be closed. A value of '0' means wait forever.
max_header_line = 16384 (IntOpt) Max header line to accommodate large tokens
pagination_max_limit = -1 (StrOpt) The maximum number of items returned in a single response, value was 'infinite' or negative integer means no limit
retry_until_window = 30 (IntOpt) Number of seconds to keep retrying to listen
run_external_periodic_tasks = True (BoolOpt) Some periodic tasks can be run in a separate process. Should we run them here?
service_plugins = (ListOpt) The service plugins Neutron will use
tcp_keepidle = 600 (IntOpt) Sets the value of TCP_KEEPIDLE in seconds for each server socket. Not supported on OS X.
wsgi_keep_alive = True (BoolOpt) Determines if connections are allowed to be held open by clients after a request is fulfilled. A value of False will ensure that the socket connection will be explicitly closed once a response has been sent to the client.
service_provider = [] (MultiStrOpt) Defines providers for advanced services using the format: <service_type>:<name>:<driver>[:default]

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