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 Swift backup driver

The backup driver for the swift back end performs a volume backup to an object storage system.

To enable the swift backup driver, include the following option in the cinder.conf file:

backup_driver = cinder.backup.drivers.swift

The following configuration options are available for the Swift back-end backup driver.

Table 2.40. Description of Swift backup driver configuration options
Configuration option = Default value Description
backup_swift_auth = per_user (StrOpt) Swift authentication mechanism
backup_swift_auth_version = 1 (StrOpt) Swift authentication version. Specify "1" for auth 1.0, or "2" for auth 2.0
backup_swift_block_size = 32768 (IntOpt) The size in bytes that changes are tracked for incremental backups. backup_swift_object_size has to be multiple of backup_swift_block_size.
backup_swift_container = volumebackups (StrOpt) The default Swift container to use
backup_swift_enable_progress_timer = True (BoolOpt) Enable or Disable the timer to send the periodic progress notifications to Ceilometer when backing up the volume to the Swift backend storage. The default value is True to enable the timer.
backup_swift_key = None (StrOpt) Swift key for authentication
backup_swift_object_size = 52428800 (IntOpt) The size in bytes of Swift backup objects
backup_swift_retry_attempts = 3 (IntOpt) The number of retries to make for Swift operations
backup_swift_retry_backoff = 2 (IntOpt) The backoff time in seconds between Swift retries
backup_swift_tenant = None (StrOpt) Swift tenant/account name. Required when connecting to an auth 2.0 system
backup_swift_url = None (StrOpt) The URL of the Swift endpoint
backup_swift_user = None (StrOpt) Swift user name
swift_catalog_info = object-store:swift:publicURL (StrOpt) Info to match when looking for swift in the service catalog. Format is: separated values of the form: <service_type>:<service_name>:<endpoint_type> - Only used if backup_swift_url is unset

To enable the swift backup driver for 1.0 or 2.0 authentication version, specify 1 or 2 correspondingly. For example:

backup_swift_auth_version = 2

In addition, the 2.0 authentication system requires backup_swift_tenant setting:

backup_swift_tenant = <None>

This example shows the default options for the Swift back-end backup driver.

backup_swift_url = http://localhost:8080/v1/AUTH_
backup_swift_auth = per_user
backup_swift_auth_version = 1
backup_swift_user = <None>
backup_swift_key = <None>
backup_swift_container = volumebackups
backup_swift_object_size = 52428800
backup_swift_retry_attempts = 3
backup_swift_retry_backoff = 2
backup_compression_algorithm = zlib
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