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 CloudBase Hyper-V Agent configuration options

Table 9.7. Description of HyperV agent configuration options
Configuration option = Default value Description
enable_metrics_collection = False (BoolOpt) Enables metrics collections for switch ports by using Hyper-V's metric APIs. Collected data can by retrieved by other apps and services, e.g.: Ceilometer. Requires Hyper-V / Windows Server 2012 and above
local_network_vswitch = private (StrOpt) Private vswitch name used for local networks
metrics_max_retries = 100 (IntOpt) Specifies the maximum number of retries to enable Hyper-V's port metrics collection. The agent will try to enable the feature once every polling_interval period for at most metrics_max_retries or until it succeedes.
physical_network_vswitch_mappings = (ListOpt) List of <physical_network>:<vswitch> where the physical networks can be expressed with wildcards, e.g.: ."*:external"
polling_interval = 2 (IntOpt) The number of seconds the agent will wait between polling for local device changes.
force_hyperv_utils_v1 = False (BoolOpt) Force V1 WMI utility classes

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