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 Account quotas

The x-account-meta-quota-bytes metadata entry must be requests (PUT, POST) if a given account quota (in bytes) is exceeded while DELETE requests are still allowed.

The x-account-meta-quota-bytes metadata entry must be set to store and enable the quota. Write requests to this metadata entry are only permitted for resellers. There is no account quota limitation on a reseller account even if x-account-meta-quota-bytes is set.

Any object PUT operations that exceed the quota return a 413 response (request entity too large) with a descriptive body.

The following command uses an admin account that own the Reseller role to set a quota on the test account:

$ swift -A -U admin:admin -K admin \
--os-storage-url post -m quota-bytes:10000

Here is the stat listing of an account where quota has been set:

$ swift -A -U test:tester -K testing stat
Account: AUTH_test
Containers: 0
Objects: 0
Bytes: 0
Meta Quota-Bytes: 10000
X-Timestamp: 1374075958.37454
X-Trans-Id: tx602634cf478546a39b1be-0051e6bc7a

This command removes the account quota:

$ swift -A -U admin:admin -K admin --os-storage-url post -m quota-bytes:
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