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Use the rootwrap.conf file to define configuration values used by the rootwrap script when the OpenStack Networking service must escalate its privileges to those of the root user.

            # Configuration for neutron-rootwrap
# This file should be owned by (and only-writeable by) the root user

# List of directories to load filter definitions from (separated by ',').
# These directories MUST all be only writeable by root !

# List of directories to search executables in, in case filters do not
# explicitely specify a full path (separated by ',')
# If not specified, defaults to system PATH environment variable.
# These directories MUST all be only writeable by root !

# Enable logging to syslog
# Default value is False

# Which syslog facility to use.
# Valid values include auth, authpriv, syslog, local0, local1...
# Default value is 'syslog'

# Which messages to log.
# INFO means log all usage
# ERROR means only log unsuccessful attempts

# XenAPI configuration is only required by the L2 agent if it is to
# target a XenServer/XCP compute host's dom0.

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