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 iSCSI iface configuration

  • Note the distinction between the transport name (iface.transport_name) and iface name (iface.iscsi_ifacename). The actual iface name must be specified via the iscsi_iface parameter to libvirt for offload to work.

  • The default name for an iscsi iface (open-iscsi parameter iface.iscsi_ifacename) is in the format transport_name.hwaddress when generated by iscsiadm.

  • iscsiadm can be used to view and generate current iface configuration. Every network interface that supports an open-iscsi transport can have one or more iscsi ifaces associated with it. If no ifaces have been configured for a network interface supported by an open-iscsi transport, this command will create a default iface configuration for that network interface. For example :

    # iscsiadm -m iface
       default tcp,<empty>,<empty>,<empty>,<empty>
       iser iser,<empty>,<empty>,<empty>,<empty>
       bnx2i.00:05:b5:d2:a0:c2 bnx2i,00:05:b5:d2:a0:c2,,<empty>,<empty>
       cxgb4i.00:07:43:28:b2:58 cxgb4i,00:07:43:28:b2:58,,<empty>,<empty>
       qla4xxx.00:c0:dd:08:63:ea qla4xxx,00:c0:dd:08:63:ea,,<empty>,<empty>

    The output is in the format : iface_name transport_name,hwaddress,ipaddress,net_ifacename,initiatorname.

  • Individual iface configuration can be viewed via

    # iscsiadm -m iface -I IFACE_NAME
       # BEGIN RECORD 2.0-873
       iface.iscsi_ifacename = cxgb4i.00:07:43:28:b2:58
       iface.net_ifacename = <empty>
       iface.ipaddress =
       iface.hwaddress = 00:07:43:28:b2:58
       iface.transport_name = cxgb4i
       iface.initiatorname = <empty>
       # END RECORD

    Configuration can be updated as desired via

    # iscsiadm -m iface-I IFACE_NAME--op=update -n iface.SETTING -v VALUE

  • All iface configurations need a minimum of iface.iface_name, iface.transport_name and iface.hwaddress to be correctly configured to work. Some transports may require iface.ipaddress and iface.net_ifacename as well to bind correctly.

    Detailed configuration instructions can be found here

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