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OpenStack Compute supports many hypervisors, which might make it difficult for you to choose one. Most installations use only one hypervisor. However, you can use the section called “ComputeFilter” and the section called “ImagePropertiesFilter” to schedule different hypervisors within the same installation. The following links help you choose a hypervisor. See for a detailed list of features and support across the hypervisors.

The following hypervisors are supported:

  • KVM - Kernel-based Virtual Machine. The virtual disk formats that it supports is inherited from QEMU since it uses a modified QEMU program to launch the virtual machine. The supported formats include raw images, the qcow2, and VMware formats.

  • LXC - Linux Containers (through libvirt), used to run Linux-based virtual machines.

  • QEMU - Quick EMUlator, generally only used for development purposes.

  • UML - User Mode Linux, generally only used for development purposes.

  • VMware vSphere 4.1 update 1 and newer, runs VMware-based Linux and Windows images through a connection with a vCenter server or directly with an ESXi host.

  • Xen - XenServer, Xen Cloud Platform (XCP), use to run Linux or Windows virtual machines. You must install the nova-compute service in a para-virtualized VM.

  • Hyper-V - Server virtualization with Microsoft's Hyper-V, use to run Windows, Linux, and FreeBSD virtual machines. Runs nova-compute natively on the Windows virtualization platform.

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