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 Modular Layer 2 (ml2) Freescale SDN Mechanism configuration options

Table 9.24. Description of ML2 Freescale SDN mechanism driver configuration options
Configuration option = Default value Description
crd_api_insecure = False (BoolOpt) If set, ignore any SSL validation issues.
crd_auth_strategy = keystone (StrOpt) Auth strategy for connecting to neutron in admin context.
crd_auth_url = (StrOpt) CRD Auth URL.
crd_ca_certificates_file = None (StrOpt) Location of ca certificates file to use for CRD client requests.
crd_password = password (StrOpt) CRD Service Password.
crd_region_name = RegionOne (StrOpt) Region name for connecting to CRD Service in admin context.
crd_tenant_name = service (StrOpt) CRD Tenant Name.
crd_url = (StrOpt) URL for connecting to CRD service.
crd_url_timeout = 30 (IntOpt) Timeout value for connecting to CRD service in seconds.
crd_user_name = crd (StrOpt) CRD service Username.

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