Seed server

Seed server

Seed server serves the files, such as ISO and disk images that were uploaded from other servers or clients. Seed can host the content by the rsync, http, or torrent protocol, depending on the Hiera’s role configuration.


Before you deploy Seed server, verify that you have completed the following tasks:

  1. Deploy the Puppet Master

  2. Verify that the DNS solution works.

  3. On the Puppet Master, create seed, a dedicated Hiera role from which all necessary services as opentracker will install.


    For torrent download, do not include the fuel_project::apps::mirror

  4. On the Jenkins Master, verify that the seed Hiera role exists:

      - 'fuel_project::common'
      - 'fuel_project::apps::seed'
      - 'fuel_project::apps::firewall'
      - 'opentracker'
      - # IP's slave example on which ISO is build
    fuel_project::apps::seed::service_fqdn: 'seed.test.local'
      - dir: '/var/www/seed/fuelweb-iso'
        ttl: 11
        pattern: 'fuel-*'
      '1000 - allow ssh connections from':
        dport: 22
        proto: tcp
        action: accept
      '1000 - allow data upload connections from temp build1.test.local':
        dport: 17333
        proto: tcp
        action: accept
      '1000 - allow zabbix-agent connections from':
        dport: 10050
        proto: tcp
        action: accept
      '1000 - allow torrent traffic within network':
        dport: 8080
        proto: tcp
        action: accept

To deploy Seed server, complete the following steps:

  1. Install base Ubuntu 14.04 with SSH service and set appropriate FQDN.

  2. Install puppet agent package:

    apt-get update; apt-get install -y puppet
  3. Enable puppet agent:

    puppet agent --enable
  4. Run the deployment of the seed role:

    FACTER_ROLE=seed FACTER_LOCATION=us1 puppet agent -tvd \
    --server puppet-master.test.local --waitforcert 60

The last action requests the client’s certificate. To continue the puppet run, the certificate should be signed from the Puppet Master.

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