OpenStack services logging

OpenStack services loggingΒΆ

Depending on your needs, use the following logging locations for the OpenStack services:

  • On the Fuel Master node, the log files of all OpenStack services are located in /var/log/remote/<NODE_HOSTNAME_OR_IP>/SERVICE_NAME.log.
  • On each node of your environment, the log files are located in the /var/log/<SERVICE_NAME>-all.log file and the /var/log/<SERVICE_NAME>/ folder. Some OpenStack services, for example, Horizon and Ironic, have only a log folder in /var/log/<SERVICE_NAME>/ and do not have a /var/log/<SERVICE_NAME>-all.log file.

Some OpenStack services have additional logging locations. The following table lists these locations:

Service name Log files location

Fuel Master node:

  • /var/log/remote/<NODE_HOSTNAME_OR_IP>/attrd.log
  • /var/log/remote/<NODE_HOSTNAME_OR_IP>/crmd.log
  • /var/log/remote/<NODE_HOSTNAME_OR_IP>/cib.log
  • /var/log/remote/<NODE_HOSTNAME_OR_IP>/lrmd.log
  • /var/log/remote/<NODE_HOSTNAME_OR_IP>/pengine.log

Controller node:

  • /var/log/apache2/horizon_access.log
  • /var/log/apache2/horizon_error.log

Controller node:

Since the Keystone service is available through the Apache server, the Apache logs contain the Keystone logs:

  • /var/log/apache2/error.log
  • /var/log/apache2/access.log
  • /var/log/apache2/keystone_wsgi_admin_access.log
  • /var/log/apache2/keystone_wsgi_admin_error.log
  • /var/log/apache2/keystone_wsgi_main_access.log
  • /var/log/apache2/keystone_wsgi_main_error.log

Controller node:

  • /var/log/syslog

Controller node:

  • /var/log/openvswitch
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