Overview of the installation process

Overview of the installation processΒΆ

Deployment of an OpenStack environment requires extensive planning. To ensure a successful deployment, review and understand the following requirements and sequence of tasks that you must complete.

  1. Plan your OpenStack environment according to the official OpenStack guidelines and Planning your environment.
  2. Verify that your environment meets the recommendations in System requirements.
  3. Verify your hardware using the Hardware checklist.
  4. Determine whether the server on which you plan to install the Fuel Master node is connected to the Internet.
    • If the server does not have an Internet connection, then you must configure a local repository. For more information, see: Set up a local repository.
  5. If you plan to install Fuel on VMware vSphere, verify that your environment meets the VMware vSphere prerequisites
  6. Download and install Fuel as described in Install Fuel or if you are installing on VMware vSphere in Install Fuel on VMware vSphere.
  7. Install the Fuel plug-ins, if needed. See: Plug-ins.
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