Conditions for plugin tasks

Conditions for plugin tasksΒΆ

You can restrict plugin tasks from running, depending on whether some specific settings in the Fuel web UI are enabled or not. The syntax slightly differs from the one for the settings restriction as in the case of the task you provide the opposite to the restriction – a condition that must be true for the task to run, but the net result is the same – restricting the task from running if the condition is not true.

Here is an example.


- id: upload_cirros
  type: shell
  role: ['primary-controller']
  condition: "settings:swiftstack.upload_cirros_test.value == true"

In this example, the default task upload_cirros will only run when a specific setting for it is enabled in the Fuel web UI. The setting itself can be defined as:


 weight: 20
 type: "checkbox"
 value: true
 label: "Enable upload test"
 description: "Upload cirros base image when the deployment is done"

You can perform life cycle management tasks based on the history of the OpenStack environment states. You can introduce expressions that can be computed within the context of the OpenStack environment configuration, so that you can control task assignment and execution depending on the changes in configuration.


Conditions can only use settings and cluster contexts of the Fuel API.

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