Workflow of the configuration change override

Workflow of the configuration change overrideΒΆ

The override_resources Puppet resource overrides the already existing resources and creates the resources that have not been defined previously.


override_resources must always be used as the first resource in manifests.


keystone_config {
  'DEFAULT/debug': {value => True}
override_resource {'keystone_config':
  data => {
     'DEFAULT/debug': {'value' => False},
     'DEFAULT/max_param_size': {'value' => 128}

The Nova, Keystone, and Neutron top-level granular tasks use override_resources. The new parameter hash used in the Puppet resources is passed to override_resources from Hiera.

The following Hiera files cover the hierarchical configuration overrides:

  • /etc/hiera/override/config/%{::fqdn}
  • /etc/hiera/override/config/role
  • /etc/hiera/override/config/cluster

Hiera delivers the hierarchical structure of data.

The top-level granular tasks used to override the configuration have the refresh_on parameter.


- id: keystone
  type: puppet
  groups: [primary-controller, controller]
  required_for: [openstack-controller]
  requires: [openstack-haproxy, database, rabbitmq]
  refresh_on: [keystone_config]
    puppet_modules: /etc/puppet/modules
    timeout: 3600
    cmd: ruby
    cmd: ruby

Nailgun uses the refresh_on parameter to run the respective task when you change the OpenStack configuration.

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