Known issues

Known issuesΒΆ

This section lists known issues in the Newton release:

  • Excluded the Glare configuration for Murano from the Ubuntu Cloud archive (UCA) deployments of OpenStack, since UCA packages do not contain the Glare artifacts plugin. Therefore, in the UCA deployments of OpenStack, the Murano packages are located in the Murano database instead of the Glare artifacts repository. LP1586141
  • A DPDK-based application on a guest VM may stop incorrectly and restart. The workaround is to re-mount HugePages on the guest VM to avoid OVS-DPDK segmentation fault on the compute node. LP1615012
  • Murano OSTF tests fail for deployments with the TLS feature enabled. This does not affect Murano functionality but affects OSTF tests because these tests use proxy service on OpenStack controller nodes to work with OpenStack API. LP1590633
  • If you add a hot pluggable Fuel plugin to an existing OpenStack environment, the following warning displays in Settings -> Other of the Fuel web UI instead of the plugin configuration fields: You have just activated the XXX plugin. The developer of this plugin has not specified it a “hot pluggable”, so the cloud environment may stop functioning properly if this plugin is applied in post-deployment stage. The workaround is to refresh the Fuel web UI page. LP1616825
  • Fuel fails to deploy changes after modifying settings on the VMware tab. LP1593277
  • Fuel fails to change a datastore regex value on the VMware tab in the Fuel web UI. LP1616457
  • OSTF tests may fail with the following error message: vCenter: Create volume and attach it to instance because after scaling the environment, the cinder-volume service cannot establish connection to the AMQP server. The workaround is to restart the cinder-volume service. LP1628940
  • Adding numbers and symbols to a new role name causes the 400 Client Error. LP1625293
  • File download error occurs when downloading the YAML workflow for Neutron VMware DVS ML2 plugin using the Fuel web UI. The workaround is to download deployment_tasks.yaml directly from the plugin’s repository. LP1619341
  • If you add a new VMware vSphere environment and configure the Nova compute instances on controllers of an existing environment with VMware vSphere, the new VMware configuration is not applied to the controller nodes after the environment redeployment. LP1598834
  • The Fuel web UI does not detect the changes made in the VMware tab. The workaround is to make and deploy the changes using the Fuel CLI. LP1593277
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