Create a workload-accelerated instance flavor

Create a workload-accelerated instance flavor

If you have enabled such NFV features as SR-IOV or/and DPDK during the environment deployment, you can create workload-accelerated instance flavors and use them to deploy virtual machines with mission-crtitical applications.

To create a workload-accelerated instance flavor:

  1. Log in to Horizon.

  2. Select System ‣ Flavors.

  3. Click Create Flavor.

  4. In the Create Flavor wizard, specify number of vCPUs, RAM, and Root Disk size.

  5. Click Create Flavor.

  6. On the Flavors screen, click No under metadata for the flavor you created in previous step.

  7. Add the required metadata parameters and values.


    • hw:mem_page_size - large
    • hw:cpu_policy - dedicated
  8. If you plan to use DPDK, proceed to Launch a virtual machine with workload acceleration.

  9. If you plan to use SR-IOV, proceed to Create a network port for SR-IOV.

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