Role management commands

Role management commands


The Fuel command-line interface has been updated. Although old fuel commands are still available, we recommend that you use the new fuel2 commands instead. See the Fuel CLI commands comparison matrix.

Fuel CLI implements standard CRUD for operations on a node role. The following table describes the role management commands available in the Fuel CLI.

Role operations commands
Description Command Example
List roles. fuel role --rel <release_id>
fuel role --rel 2

System response:

name          | id
controller    | 9
compute       | 10
cinder        | 11
cinder-vmware | 12
ceph-osd      | 13
mongo         | 14
zabbix-server | 15
base-os       | 16
Create a new role from the .yaml file. fuel role --rel <2> --create --file <file.yaml>
  1. Create a role in a .yaml file.

    The following text is an example of a .yaml file for the Swift role:

      description: Installs swift server.
      has_primary: true # we need primary-swift and swift during
      name: Swift
    name: swift
      - allocate_size: min
        id: os
  2. Assign the role:

    fuel role --rel <2> --create --file <swift.yaml>
  3. View the role:

    fuel role --rel <2>

    System response:

     name          | id
     swift         | 17
Update the role data fuel role --rel <release_id> --update --file <file>
fuel role --rel <2> --update --file <swift.yaml>
Delete the role. fuel role --rel <release_id> --delete --role <file>
fuel role --rel <2> --delete --role <swift>

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