Add network ranges

Add network rangesΒΆ


The Fuel command-line interface has been updated. Although old fuel commands are still available, we recommend that you use the new fuel2 commands instead. See the Fuel CLI commands comparison matrix.

To add network ranges, edit the network configuration file: add the IP network range to ip_ranges and change notation from cidr to ip_ranges.


  1. On the Fuel Master node, download the network configuration file:

    fuel network --env <ENV-ID> -d

    where <ENV_ID> is the ID of the environment (a number) that you can get by issuing the fuel env command.

    For example:

    fuel network --env 1 -d
  2. Open the downloaded /root/network_<ENV-ID>.yaml file for editing.

  3. Add your list of IP network ranges under the ip_ranges parameter.


    - -
    - -
  4. In the same network configuration file, change notation: cidr to notation: ip_ranges.


      configurable: true
      map_priority: 2
      name: management
      notation: ip_ranges
      render_addr_mask: internal
  5. Upload the edited network configuration file:

    fuel network --env <ENV-ID> -u
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