Configure networks

Configure networks

To enable inter-node communication, you must configure networks on VMware vCenter.

Configure a network for Fuel Admin (PXE) traffic

You must configure a network for the Fuel Admin (PXE) traffic and enable Promiscuous mode.

To configure a network for the Fuel Admin (PXE) traffic:

  1. Go to the vCenter screen.
  2. Choose Hosts.
  3. Select the host on which you want to run the Fuel Master node.
  4. Click the Networking button.
  5. Click the Add Host Networking icon.

Create a vCenter Port Group network

You must create a Port Group with Promiscuous mode.

To create a vCenter Port Group network:

  1. Choose a Port Group connection type.
  2. Choose a switch.
  3. Name your network and set the VLAN number. This is optional and depends on your underlying network infrastructure.
  4. After the network is created, select the network on the network map; then click the Edit Settings icon.
  5. Click Security.
  6. Verify that the Promiscuous mode is set to Accept.
  7. Click “OK”.
  8. Proceed to Create the Fuel Master node virtual machine.
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