Resolved issues

Resolved issuesΒΆ

This section lists a number of resolved issues. For a complete list, see the Fuel for OpenStack Launchpad project.

  • Added the partition alignment option that enables alignment modes: none, cylinder, minimal, and optimal. fuel-agent may mistakenly assume that partition can not fit the specified boundaries throwing the WrongPartitionSchemeError error. This happens when the end of a particular partition crosses 1 M boundary and because of partition boundaries are rounded up. To resolve the issue, change the default partition alignment mode from optimal to minimal in the /etc/fuel-agent/fuel-agent.conf configuration file in the bootstrap image. LP1584804
  • Improved performance of the tasks serialization process in case when an environment contains many nodes by making the serialization process work in parallel. LP1587278
  • Fixed the keystone-manage db_sync failure because of the temporary unavailability of the database. LP1592819 | LP1592401
  • Fixed the issue that prevented a user from logging in to an environment node using the ssh node-<SLAVE_NODE_ID> command. LP1567957
  • Fixed the DHCP checker issue that resulted in the following error: Spawning listener for <NIC> failed. <NIC>: That device is not up. LP1569325
  • Fixed the issue with swapping incorrectly plugged network interfaces. LP1593190
  • Fixed the issue with the fuel2 task history command showing irrelevant tasks. LP1590872
  • Fixed the issue with OpenStack occasionally failing to install from virtual media. LP1605740
  • Fixed the issue with Nailgun becoming unresponsive when attempting to deploy 200 nodes. LP1569859
  • Fixed the issue with provisioning of approximately 200 nodes failing due to the Astute and Cobbler timeouts. LP1608700
  • Updated mysql-wsrep to v5.6.33 to avoid failures in connecting to MySQL during an environment deployment. LP1607793
  • Replaced the merge_yaml_settings resource with an advanced merge_yaml module that contains additional options to control the behavior of merging the YAML configuration. The fix eliminates the idempotency issues when several instances require a modification of the same file, and, as a result, arrays are merged incorrectly. LP1614279
  • Fixed the issue with the DHCP checker failing on bootstrap nodes with the following error message: Spawning listener for <NIC> failed. <NIC>: That device is not up. LP1569325
  • Now, the hardcoded ['controller', 'primary-controller'] roles names of the NTP server can be overridden. LP1563465
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