Add a node to an OpenStack environment

Add a node to an OpenStack environmentΒΆ

To deploy an OpenStack environment using the Fuel web UI, you must add at least one controller node. However, for a fully functional cloud you must allocate a sufficient number of compute and storage nodes.

An OpenStack node, or a node, is a physical or virtual server that you provision to run a specific set of OpenStack services.

A role is a functional set of services that Fuel installs as a whole on a node, usually in its own disk partition. Some roles can be combined in one node.

The number of discovered unallocated and total nodes is displayed in the upper right corner in the Fuel web UI.

For more information, see System Requirements in Fuel Installation Guide.

To add a node to an OpenStack environment:

  1. Log in to the Fuel web UI.

  2. In the Dashboard tab, click Add nodes.

  3. Assign a role or roles to the node by selecting the corresponding option.

  4. In the list of discovered nodes, select a physical or virtual node to provision.

  5. Optionally, display the node hardware configuration by clicking the Settings icon next to the discovered node.

  6. Click Apply Changes.

  7. Repeat step 2 - step 6 for all nodes that you want to include into this OpenStack environment.

    After you add nodes, Fuel enables you to deploy your OpenStack environment. However, you may need to apply additional changes to fully address your infrastructure requirements.

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